I have always lived in states that have coast lines. There is something about having access to the sea, however far away (desert of California was not exactly close to the ocean) or how small an access (Alabama) that just makes me feel better. Maybe it was growing up in a coastal state, maybe it was spending summers at the shore, maybe it is somewhat evolutionary, maybe it is my need for an escape route – who knows – but a coast line has always been a requirement for me.

Sarasota has some of the most beautiful beaches in the U.S., maybe in the world. At least all the beach ranting lists I’ve seen always have some Sarasota beaches in the top ten. Could be the lists I see, could be that they really are that pretty. I’m going for really that pretty. We had some bad storms come through recently, so after the farmer’s market this morning mom asked if I would want to head to the beach to check it out. Sure. It’s been a while. Bob went with Suzanne and family when there were here in May and from the pictures, the beach looks pretty good.


Lots of sand, clean water, a little seaweed, but hey, it’s nature. Today, however, there were no swimming sings and flags, lots of seaweed and the beach has shrunk dramatically.


I’m sure they will restore the beach area; dredge up and move sand and everything else that goes into beach restoration. I just hope they do it quickly even if I only get to the beach once a year. Until then, I’ll be happy with sites like this one …


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