Killing Trees

Hello, my name is Andrea, I work in Special Education and I kill trees for a living. Ok, I don’t kill trees for a living, but every year as the school year starts up, I feel like I kill a small forest.


That would be approximately 5,000 photocopies. Yes, 5,000. As get all the IEPs and 504s together for teacher distribution the piles of paper mound. At least the cats enjoy this part of my job.



We get further excitement when I start sorting by teacher …





This is an annual weekend project here and thankfully Bob does not mind the mess for a few days. Of course, this year he decided it was time to get a new television and television cabinet, so the living room was already in disarray when I started. (I’m still not sure why he feels the need for a new television, but I didn’t have to get rid of the old stuff, so I really don’t care.) He claims it has something to do with the current television being outdated and not having the right inputs or something. I’m sure I could argue against this change, but really, I just don’t care that much.

Since work has started up full swing again (as evidenced by the lack of posts this week) my culinary experiments have dwindled a little. I did make an awesome roasted tomato and kale dish to go with pan fried chicken this week and it was so good, both Bob and I loved the kale. Yes, we loved the kale. Well, I loved it, he liked it enough to let me make it again. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it as I was that tired Friday night. I did do a nice pork chop with beats, carrots and onions which tasted pretty good, but was not photo worthy. Gracie liked this particular dish and she usually just likes the chicken dishes.


Next week is another long week. Three nights of new student orientation makes for three twelve plus hour days. But, it looks like I am in good shape paper-work wise for the start of the year. Now if I can stay on top of the paperwork it might be a good year.

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