I got my first Friday working from home yesterday and while I was a bit apprehensive on Thursday as I saw the mounting piles of work, by 11 am on Friday I was so happy. It is amazing what one can get done when no one is around to ask questions, or break the flow of work. I could say interrupt and that would be accurate, but I like most of the interruptions at work since they come from the kids. But working from home I not only managed to get a ton of work done, I also managed about eight loads of laundry and made ribs.

Ribs are not something I grew up eating. Mom never made them and I’m pretty sure we didn’t own a grill. My first memory of ribs was in Alabama, but it was not a meal I ever attempted until about a year ago. Usually I marinate the ribs overnight in apple juice, soy sauce and a little brown sugar, but this time, as I was going for a mango BBQ sauce, I stuck with just apple juice. Around noon, into the oven (set low at 250) they went – apple juice and all. Two hours in, turn them over and keep cooking. Two more hours and they are ready to come out. The tricky part here is getting the meat out of the braising liquid as intact as possible. They REALLY fall apart at this point. But I brushed on some home made mango BBQ sauce and onto the grill for a nice crispy finish they went. The results …

I should have taken a picture of the plate of ribs alone, but I forgot. Mom and dad came over for dinner, and the ribs went over well. I did make a vegetable timbal again – this one with eggplant and turnip as that is what I had on hand. It was ok, but I liked the squash one so much better. The salad came from my veggie basket this week. Lettuce, tomatoes, carrots (those were last week but it still counts) cucumber, and some orange pepper. It was a pretty little plate overall.

Mom brought dessert – a spice chiffon cake with an orange glaze. It was so very good, even Bob had two slices. The texture was just like grandmom’s chiffon cake and made me want to bake one of hers. Coffee flavor in cake cannot be wrong. Now if I can only dig out the recipe I may do that when Bob heads off for his geek weekend in a few weeks.

We forgot to take a picture of the cake prior to cutting it. But I still think it looks pretty good; it tasted better. The old, orange cover Betty Crocker cookbook wins again!

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