“Hurricane” Preparations

As a little kid, we use to sit around the radio on on early winter mornings waiting to hear our school number – that magic number that said school was closed that day.  Snow days were (to us kids) a joy – an unexpected day off.  Florida does not get snow days and I’ll take that as it means no snow.  But we do, apparently get hurricane days.

Since the advent of the internet and real time everything, the decisions to close schools are made earlier.  I know the schools are used as shelters, and with busses running and kids standing outside waiting for said busses, no one wants to say hold school when there is a real possibility of severe weather.

So … Saturday (after getting the call that there would be no school Monday due to weather) and early Sunday we prepped, like good Floridians, for a possible storm.  I took in the pots, moved all potential flying objects indoors and made sure we were ready.  I didn’t go the the grocery store – can’t stand the crowds and really, do I want a fridge full of food if the electricity goes out? (I still have vivid memories of the eight days without power with Opal.


I thought we did a  pretty good job.  And, yes, I knew it was probably overkill and unnecessary, but I am a bit paranoid that if I did nothing, we would get the direct hit (even though Sarasota has apparently never had a direct hit) and if I prepped, we would get nothing.  Looks like the prep won.

This storm does remind me of Gloria from the mid 1980s.  We had a day off school for the hurricane (yes, even in Jersey) and I don’t remember too much to it.  I do remember playing outside in the wind and a little rain and the song Gloria on the radio over, and over, and over. Now, Opal, Floyd and Florence, I remember a bad storms that did a lot of damage.  But Isaac seems more in line with Gloria for me.  Now when it makes landfall … we’ll see.

So far we have had some wind, some rain and not much else.  Even little miss Leia went out this morning and is going in and out as is her usual plan when the back door is open.

If you can make it out, that is Leia drinking water from the chair outside early this morning.  She spend a good while exploring in the rain before coming in to demand kitty crack (aka hairball paste).  Gracie, as seen in the top picture, was not as enamored with the weather and did not venture forth.  Poor thing has gotten caught in a few too many rainstorms.  But at least she is not under the bed this morning, which is where I expected her.

On to food … I did not do anything too exciting this weekend, but the pork loin with butternut squash and salad did come out rather pretty.

 I still have to look through my cookbooks today and plan something for this week.  Not sure what I am in the mood for (other than spaghetti and meatballs which given Bob’s no grain stance isn’t happening) but I am sure I will come up with something – after all I have an unexpected day off to plan.

Hope everyone is well and safe!





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