Pampered Indoor Kitty


I’ve neglected the posting lately, in large part because things just got really, really busy. Busy as in so much work to do that I don’t know where to start and the more I do, the more there is to do. Almost makes one a little despondent. But then I come home, completely exhausted and see the babies and that makes it all better.

Especially Leia. When I adopted her I was warned that she is a special needs kitty who would probably need surgery to make it past two. The vet report even said she needs. “pampered indoor lifestyle.” I laugh at the indoor part now because Leia is the first one at the back door in the morning waiting to go outside. She loves hanging out in the yard and if I tried to keep her indoors, she would be upset and miserable. This little special needs kitty has done so well, she has not had a single sinus infection in five years, has not needed surgery and even has a bit of a belly from all the treats she enjoys.

She will hang out inside too, but mostly you will find her outside. And happy. And healthy. Which really, is all I want for my kitties.

I will try to be better about the posts. Hopefully I’ll have some good food, travel or pet pictures to share soon. Although the travel is really on the back burner until who knows when.

One thought on “Pampered Indoor Kitty

  1. Dad says:

    Could it be that Leia really knows and lives “the Florida Lifestyle”?

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