Where Have All the Christmas Cards Gone?

Yes, those are tomatoes. Beautiful heirloom cherry tomatoes fresh from the farmer’s market today. I feel a tomato-mozzarella salad or sandwich coming soon.

But today was not all about food; it was a good portion about food, but not all about food. We had a bunch of errands to run today including pet food (never a good idea to run out of that), people food in the form of cheese, and fresh veggies. So I started with the farmer’s market this morning where I found those lovely tomatoes, some baby bok choy and a few other veggies to make throughout the week. Then on to the pet store and then continuing the search for Christmas cards.

Has anyone else noticed the dearth of cards this year? When did this happen? I started looking for cards a week or two ago. Target did not have a selection, WalMart had a very limited and very poor selection and even the stationary store only had a handful. Yes, I looked at Amazon, but trying to find specific cards there was just way too much hassle. We hit Barnes and Noble (I do love bookstores) today and even that was depressing. I remember tables and tables of cards when I worked at Borders all those years go. But now … one table. That was it, just one. I did manage to find cards I liked, but it was just depressing.

On a happier note, we have found a cheese shop in Sarasota. This was very exciting to us although I am embarrassed to say that it has, apparently, been there for a little while and I totally missed it. I really have to get out. More. But, We stopped in for lunch today and both had


Five cheese Mac & Cheese and a salad. Yes, this is totally and completely off Bob’s diet, but as we both ate the entire thing, I can honestly say it was worth every carbohydrate and calorie it contained. And … The shop is incredible. Lots of unique cheeses and a really exceptional staff. We found a sheep’s milk cheese for a dish I want to make over the next week and maybe for Thanksgiving and an herbed goat cheese that I swear is amazing. Maybe not the goat cheese of Scotland. But totally different and wonderful. Both are U.S. cheese’s too, which somehow pleases me. Now I can’t wait for the Cheese class! Yes, we are taking a Cheese 101 class and I am super excited.

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