The Wimbledon Project

Tennis is not my sport. I don’t plan vacations around tournaments, don’t know who is number one in the world or who is on the current teams. But I do love Wimbledon. There is something about that tournament that I love and watch every year. Maybe because it is held just as soon as school is letting out for the year, or perhaps the tradition of the place, but it is the only tennis I watch.

When I first started working, I put in a ballot application for Wimbledon tickets each year. I was careful to mail it in time, and mail the ballot back promptly. I never got chosen for tickets, and later I stopped applying. But this year, we are back to trying for tickets!

You can only request one ballot per household. The rules are very clear, one per address or all will be discarded. So, I have multiple people willing to try for a ballot for me this year. I got the International Response Cards from the post office today, picked up extra air mail stamps that I can send everyone who is helping in the Christmas cards, and made sure I got everything out today! All requests must be postmarked by December 15 and all ballots must be returned by December 31. I’m cutting it close but hopefully we will still be ok.

I did actually buy air mail stamps when we were in the UK in July. I just totally and completely lost them, so we went for the alternate route.

The wrinkle in this is the new(ish I assume) rule that you cannot buy tickets for anyone else. I am hoping that does not mean the name of the person on the ballot must buy the tickets, but we will see. If nothing else I will know for next year.


Wish me luck and thank you to everyone who said they would help!

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