New Year’s Viennese Style

A few months ago Mom and Dad asked if Bob and I would like to attend the New Year’s concert with them. Bob was unfamiliar with the traditional Viennese New Year’s concert and I told him it was a concert, a symphony. You know, violins, oboes, maybe a French horn and some cellos. What I failed to mention to him was the singers – just a soprano and a tenor – who sing in an operatic style, or the dancers – some ballet and ballroom with a polka or two thrown in. Little details, clearly easily overlooked (she says with a distinct sarcastic tone).

So, we went last night – all dressed up, and I am sorry to say we forgot to get a picture. The concert was held at the Van Weizel downtown and I have to say, for a place to hold a concert, it is just about perfect. Great acoustics, no bad seats and clear views of the stage. We were up high, which I think is the best place to view an orchestra. The show was wonderful. The conductor was humorous so we had a little comedy thrown in, the orchestra was fantastic, the dancers spectacular but the singers … well, they made the show. After one aria Bob just said “wow.” Nothing else, just that. She was incredible. And the tenor … he had this absolutely amazing voice. And the voice did not fit his body – relatively unassuming older gentleman but when he sang – you just stopped and listened.

During intermission Bob did tell me he was claiming this as payment for the Tampa concert with no seats. Between the ballet, German operatic singing and the polkas, I have to give him this one. But at least he enjoyed it.

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