It’s Easier Than It Seems


After eating a lot of soup and a very unhappy stomach for the last few weeks, I wanted to make something filling, tasty and comforting. So what better dish than lasagna.

Lasagna is one of those dishes that is way easier than it appears. I do “cheat” and use the no bake noodles, but the rest is homemade. I use a nice combination of ground beef and pork with some onion and seasonings. I like a videlia onion tomato sauce. So layer noodles, the meat sauce and the cheese (ricotta and mozzarella) and bake. That’s it. Really, nothing more too it. And I get leftovers for the next few days. (Even with Mom and Dad over for dinner we still have half a tray.)


For dessert (you have to have dessert) I did my very first attempt at panna cotta. Turns out, this is a stupidly simple dessert to make. I dissolved some gelatin in water, heated cream and sugar, added a little vanilla and combined the two. Chill and done. I got the basic recipe from David Lebovitz. I did cut it in half since there were only four of us, but this took about fifteen minutes to make. I topped it with macerated blueberries and mango from my veggie basket and came out with a panna cotta Dad said was better than a restaurant’s and Mom actually liked. (Turns out she is not a panna cotta fan -who knew?) Bob said it was a definite do again. I’ll take all of those as high praise.

Erin, I did find a vegan version that I am dying to try, so come visit so I have an excuse to make it!

One thought on “It’s Easier Than It Seems

  1. Anonymous says:

    Like I need an excuse to visit you and Bob! Miss you both lots!!

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