Reason Number ___ I Love Florida

I should feel at least slightly guilty for this post considering so many are digging out from a blizzard. Should. But I don’t. I did move to Florida in large part to avoid snow, sleet, ice and cold.

It has been a long few weeks and the next two are not going to be any better. This means when I’ve had the energy to cook, it has been simple meals that I’ve done dozens of times if not more. But today we decided to get out and about for a bit and enjoy the beautiful weather. Bob suggested St. Armand’s Circle. So we headed down there and found a little place that did Middle Eastern/Mediterranean called Terrace on the Circle.

After my disaster with falafel a few months ago, I have been reluctant to try it again. We split a plate of falafel that looked great

20130209-212728.jpg and tasted way better than any I’ve ever made. And the sauce … just so good.

For the main dish I went with the Kefta.

I was pretty sure I was going to be able to eat the whole thing, but nope. Had to bring half of it home. The meat was seasoned well, but I am use to spicier versions, so it was missing just a little something. The hummus that went on top was fabulous, however. And this from someone who isn’t that crazy about hummus for the most part.

But the best part of the day (aside from finding a cool little spice shop) was the view.


Just another day in paradise you could say!

One thought on “Reason Number ___ I Love Florida

  1. Traci says:

    I love living in FL, too. Today my sister and I gave a brunch and it was 65 degrees with sunshine. Can’t beat that for February. 🙂

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