I Officially Feel Old

I thought I felt old when I realized a few years ago that my students who were graduating were young enough to be my children. I thought I was old when the oldies station started playing songs I thought were cool. I thought I was old when I realized that the 80s were thirty years ago. But I was wrong; today marks the day where I officially feel old.

One of my students came to me in a panic today because progress reports go out tomorrow and he was not done with an assignment for English. They are learning to write a research paper so he had his topic, had his sub categories and needed to gather sources and gather information and note where it all came from for the bibliography. He had no sources yet and it was due …. you guessed it … today. When I asked him why he had nothing he told me he only had one day to go to the library and the computers were all taken. So he couldn’t use the Internet.

What about a book

He looked in a book.

Why didn’t he write that as a source?

It only had a little information on his topic.

So why not use it as one of the source?

It was a book.

Yes, a book is a source.

But it’s not a website.

(Here is why I feel very, very old today)

I asked him, in a very calm and rational voice what he thought we used as sources for our research papers before the Internet.

He responded, with all sincerity and wonder, “You wrote research papers back then?”

I officially feel old.

5 thoughts on “I Officially Feel Old

  1. Anne says:

    I am rolling…. πŸ™‚ I got asked this the other day: “Did you get your tattoos when you were young?” …after I stopped daydreaming about the various ways to kill this person, I said, “Uh, yeah.” Lucky for her she was only 19 or so….

    • Andrea says:

      The part that made me feel really, really old was the honest to God wonder in his voice and on his face. Like research was something that was invented by the Internet. I had to walk away. And laugh. But really, just walk away and remember that I may be old, but I can drink legally. πŸ˜‰

  2. Emmie Lou says:

    Dear Lord! I’m freaking ancient!

  3. Dad says:

    I wonder how he would react to the idea of using a library and card catalogs, and either writing the paper longhand (being sure it was neat enough to read) or typed it – without a spell checker! Ah, the wonders of a trip down memory lane.

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