A Week of Birthday Fun


So it was my birthday this week. Thank you to everyone who called, texted, emailed and wish me a happy birthday. Yes, mom, that includes your 5:01am text. 🙂

I use to hate my birthday. Being the end of February means you get A LOT of questions growing up as to whether or not you have a “real” birthday or are a leap year baby and don’t really have a birthday. I hated it and just refused to acknowledge the day for a long time. But I’m over that and pretty much don’t care much either way; but a birthday is a great excuse for cake, so ill take it.

Speaking of cake, the week started out with mom and dad having us over for lunch and topping it off with a cute birthday cake. I have to say it was perfect – vanilla cake with vanilla icing and by gosh, it was cute


Bob and I head across the pond for my spring break soon, so I was considering that my birthday present. But … I woke up that morning to find a pretty little box by the coffee pot. (Does he know me well or what? Is there any other place in the house where I am guaranteed to see it?).

That pretty little box contained a beautiful pair of earrings that I have worn every day since. Can’t sleep in them week, but they are very, very pretty. Can’t get a good picture cause they sparkle but that’s ok.

We are still in meeting hell at work and have begun testing hell, so my time has been … booked, taken, short … take your pick. But Melissa took me out for a very nice lunch and we actually sat down and ate. I think it was the first day I didn’t work through lunch all month.

I got home on my birthday to find another little box on my doorstep.

Erin, my friend, you know me too well. Love them and can’t wait to break into the scrub! And the card was darn cute too.

We are going to head out to see Val and Bill this weekend, then it’s off to England soon for some time with Brad, Emmie and Logan. Emmie are plotting to get into the Bodleian library. We are smart girls, we’ll figure something out.

I did manage to cook tonight … Nothing fancy, mind you, but better than I’ve done in a few weeks.

Pork tacos with onions and homemade tomatillo sauce. I used some extra spice in the sauce and it came out really well. Sharp, but not too hot. Good flavor and not bad for an end of the week meal. Maybe after break I can get back into cooking. I have so many things I want to try!

Hope everyone had a good week.

One thought on “A Week of Birthday Fun

  1. Emmie Lou says:

    7 days my sister! I can’t wait to see the earrings! Those Ledsinger boys know how to spoil us good and proper. Plus, we get to see & smell the books this trip! It’s like heaven on earth!

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