Spring Break

Say “Spring Break” to most people and warm weather, beaches, maybe palm trees come to mind. As Bob and I headed out for spring break and did we pick a Caribbean beach? A little place in Mexico? The wine country? Nope – we headed to England where snow is forecast for tomorrow.

And despite the very chilly wind as we headed into Henley today, I am so incredibly glad we came. We, of course, had an adventure getting here. The two mile back up at the bridge started things off right, then we moved to the delay in Tampa. Apparently the plane was late first thing in the morning which just backed it up for every other flight. We did make it to Kennedy, and we high tailed it to the next gate, getting to the Heathrow flight just as they called our zone. I will say, Kennedy is one of those airports where “sprawl” just happened and it makes no sense what so ever. I have to think they just built and connected without planning because if I think someone sat down and thought that was a good design, I’d cry. But any way … we get on board and take bets as to whether or not the care package bag makes it. The plane pushed off from the gate on time, and then went back to the gate due to, what turned out to be, a clogged hydraulic filter. Hour and a half (enough time to pretty much complete the work I brought with me) later and we are off. I will give Delta a lot of credit, with the exception of the food which was just awful (Bob disagrees and said it “wasn’t that bad” – yes, it was) and some very hard seats, the flight over the pond is always wonderful. Great crew. Very friendly and they always try I be helpful, friendly and professional. … Oh, and the bag made it!

We kept today pretty low key. But I am embarrassed to say I used my camera, totally forgetting that I have a new iPad so the connector is different and the fancy dancy card reader doesn’t work on this devise. Nor does it connect tot the phone. So all the pictures I took of the amazing nursery/garden center where we had lunch are stuck on the camera for now. I got a great shot of the boys for Mom L. And both mom’s – you would love the garden center, had it been a bit warmer, we could have wandered all day.

We may have a few adventures planned this trip and I will endeavor to post as I go, using my phone as my camera so I can actually put some pictures with the words. For now, I will just leave with the view from our room at Brad and Emmie’s … A view that despite the cold, I am so very, very glad to have this spring break.


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