The Adventure to High Wycombe

With the temperature hovering around freezing and Logan in school today we made the short trip to Asda (British Walmart) as they had the cat treats Val wanted for Lucy. So, we bundled up and headed through the very pretty, but very chilly British countryside to High Wycombe.

We were successful in stocking up in the treats. If they do end up being the same ones that use to be sold in the US, apparently the only treats Lucy will eat, we will acquire more in July. But for now 20 bags should do. Once again, this is going to be an interesting trip through customs at the US border.

On the way back we stopped near Marlowe for lunch. No one in our little group had ever been to the Dog and Badger, so we stopped there.

We were incredibly pleased. The visit started with Emmie asking if we “could just grab a table” and the reply was “only if it doesn’t scream.” The inn/pub was built in 1390 but the church it is attached to was originally built in 650 and rebuilt in the 1200s (I think). The atmosphere, complete with wood beams and two fire places (with lit fires) was great, but the food was even better. Bob was the adventurous one and went for the blood sausage while I stuck with a bacon hamburger. Oh so very, very good. I hate to admit it, but British bacon kicks American bacon’s butt. It just does. But we had a great lunch and now Brad and Emmie have another good pub option.


On the return we took the scenic route and came across some wildlife. I was very proud of myself as I correctly identified deer in the distance. We then saw …

20130311-163501.jpg an elk. Just standing there and totally not bothered by Brad calling to it so we could get a good picture.

We are hanging out with the dogs tonight. Brad is doing pulled pork and I’m making BBQ sauce. Nice, low key evening.

20130311-163703.jpg. We are just hanging out with the dogs as the have taken a liking to us.

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