Our Last Day

We spent our last day in England in Henley today. The farmer’s market was in full swing and Emmie and I hit the vintage shops, the rare bookstore and a few other shops. We wandered the market stalls and I learned that if you see pastries you liked get them; they sell

Henley is a very cute little town but more than the architecture of the town is the river.

We did wander around the riverside for a bit …


But the highlight of the day was dinner at Angel on the Bridge. We had dinner there our last trip over, so this is a littl

The food is good, the atmosphere is wonderful and the view of the river is amazing. But we just like to o and enjoy ourselves.

So as much as I would happily move, there is the small issues of jobs, a place to live, relatives who would be terribly unhappy and two of the four furry creatures that would be difficult or impossible to get across the pond. So we will settle for trips to visit and enjoy ourselves while here.

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