Winding Down

You would think that by May school would be easy. Calm with everyone anticipating the summer and kids preparing for finals. But no, we are still doing state testing – going into week six or seven – and trying to make sure kids are doing what they should, and not doing what they should not do. Sounds simple enough, but most days I think everyone has lost their minds, or I’ve lost mine. R a combination of both. No wonder we’ve been making do with quick, simple meals or take out.

I did find a fantastic wine.

20130519-175037.jpg. I asked the very nice gentleman for a recommendation for a good after wok wine. He didn’t hesitate and pulled this Cotes du Rhone. Normally I’m not a Cotes kind of girl, but this was fabulous. Light, fresh, crisp but not acidic, great “mouth feel.” (Now I feel like a wine snob … And I’m ok with that.) It was perfect with dinner one Friday evening and for sipping after walking Jessie one Saturday afternoon.

I was going to bake Bob a birthday cake last week and try my hand at buttercream icing. But we ran into a problem. No. I wasn’t missing ingredients, the house didn’t explode, nor did I fall asleep before baking. We had a leak in the kitchen.

20130519-175511.jpg The drain in the sink was apparently leaking for at least a few days as we had a minor flood under the sink. By the time we got to the hardware store, started, went back to the store for more parts and got it fixed, I wasn’t baking. I did manage to make the beer bread experiments before heading to Val and Bill’s for the weekend


I used a White wheat, Guinness, a Lambic and the New Castle as the control. All were a hit and there was no clear winner as everyone had a different favorite. I think I liked the white wheat best. It’s amazing what three cups of self rising flour, half a cup of sugar and a bottle of beer can create. (Baked at 375 for 55 minutes)

Oh … And Bob had his own geeky project this week.

20130519-180020.jpg yep – remote camera. We may have to talk a out the one inside.

Hope everyone is having a great spring.

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