Back In The U.K. (Again)

We are back – in Britain, that is. We packed our bags, gathered up Bob’s parents and headed out. There are a few things about this trip that make it special. Obviously we have Bob’s parents with us; they have never been to England so that makes this special. It is the first time they have seen Brad, Emmie and Logan since they moved, and it is a longer trip than we usually make – 10 days this time. … Oh, and we flew First/Business class.

When I started searching, I found most of the tickets pretty much the same price – expensive. It is high season for travel, so I didn’t think I’d find many deals. But, one Saturday morning in February I found First Class tickets – both ways – for what I was seeing coach tickets for. So, I texted Brad and Emmie and made Bob call his parents and we got the tickets … And it happens that these two weeks Logan is out of school – and so am I! So here we are. After a week of Emmie and I counting down hours, after the travel and getting from Heathrow, here we are. Relaxing and enjoying the British country side on our first day in England,

I was skeptical about how much different first class would be than coach, but let me relay a few stories to illustrate the difference. We checked in, no problem. We checked our bags, no problem, we got through security no problem and made our way to the club lounge where we wanted to wait. No two minutes after sitting down the gentleman who checked us in at the lounge came over and told us there were ground delays for flights to Atlanta and he was afraid we would miss our connection to London. He could book us on the earlier flight and transfer our checked bags, but that leg would, not be first class. Would we like that. Hmm … First class with a very good chance of missing the next flight or an hour or so trip in coach. (We weren’t stupid and took the flight change.) we were rebooked, bags moved and seated in one row in the economy plus area for the first flight. Had we been flying coach. We would have missed the London flight as no one would have said anything.

My second story. I don’t sleep on planes, I just can’t do it. So, around 3am (Eastern) everyone else was sleeping and I was reading. I drank Bob’s bottle of water (he was sleeping so I feel no guilt for this), finished it and put it aside. Within five minutes that bottle was gone and a new bottle was left in its place. Nothing was said, no fuss was made. It was just done. When I finished that bottle right before breakfast it was also quickly replaced.

And yes, even though I cannot sleep on a plane (even with a seat that folds flat and a really comfy blanket) it was so much better than flying coach. I didn’t worry about waking Bob (or anyone else) up, I didn’t fret about standing or walking around a bit and I was pretty comfortable reading my way across the Atlantic.

So here we are … hanging out with family, enjoying the country side and just relaxing. I sent Bob on a walk with the camera, so hopefully I can add some of those pictures tomorrow in addition to whatever adventure we decide to have. I can’t wait!


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