Hanging Out in England

After the big travel day yesterday, we stayed close to home today. We started out with an awesome breakfast at Toad Hall, a local garden centre. We wandered through the roses and fountains and all the plantings for the perfect English Garden. It reminded me a lot of what I grew in Jersey and made me a little wistful for my garden there. We did also discover the building in the back

20130724-203754.jpg was an old water tower. That was my first guess with a granary a second guess. After breakfast we headed to Asda (aka British Walmart) just to let the parents experience it. And no Val, we did not get more kitty treats.

We just had a quiet afternoon at home today.

20130724-204205.jpg and then we headed to my favorite pub for dinner, The Dog & Badger. I still contend they have the best hamburgers.

It is just a very cute, old pub with great food and truly excellent service. We had a ball.

Oh – and a few pictures Bob took yesterday on their walk.



So tomorrow we are headed to France. Wish us luck as my French is horrible! (And I think I have the best French of the bunch!)

3 thoughts on “Hanging Out in England

  1. Emmie Cobb Ledsinger says:

    Logan can at least count to ten and knows all of his meat and veg in French. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am really enjoying your pictures! Have fun in France! It sounds like Logan is your best chance:)

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