Disney Christmas

Disney is, at the core, a huge mega corporation that gathers personal data for the purpose of marketing. I know this and somehow I just don’t care. Disney does a lot of things with that data that make your experience there wonderful, and I’ll dare say it, magical.

Bob and I have tried to see the Christmas light display at Hollywood Studios a few times. Once we got there and the park was closed, once we just never made it out of the house to get there. I thought I was destined to never see it, but thanks to John, we got up there this weekend and had a blast.

Hollywood Studios is a little tougher than the other Disney parks. It is not as large and there isn’t as much to do. It definitely needs some work put into it, but what they do have they do right. So we did the obligatory Tower of Terror, the Muppets 3D, The Great Movie Ride

20131215-075036.jpg and the Beauty and the Beast Show.


It was all a lot of fun, but the reason we were there, the reason to make the two hour drive was the Christmas Light Display. I love Christmas lights; don’t do them on my own house, but I love looking at them and wandering through great displays. It’s why DC is so great in December (other than the weather) and NYC has the department store window equivalent (but there you have weather and crowds). I have to give Disney props on this – they did it right. It was crowded, it rained and as soon as those lights went on, I didn’t care. That’s right, the person who will go through exhibits backwards just to avoid crowds did not care about the crowds. The lights, the music, the changing display … it was all perfect.




I found four mouse ears in the lights, but they were really hard to get … they blink on and off so every time I tried to get a picture, I captured it with without the mouse ears … except for the tree.


We really did have a great time and in a year where it hasn’t felt like Christmas (I haven’t even gotten cards started yet) this really made it Christmas. Even in a t-shirt in December.


One thought on “Disney Christmas

  1. Emmie Cobb Ledsinger says:

    How beautiful!

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