Kenosha, WI

On a whim this morning we decided to drive to Wisconsin. Why? Brad wanted beer that they only sell in Wisconsin. Bob thought this was a good idea so I looked around to see what might be fun and we decided to head out. Wisconsin isn’t far from Chicago, so it was a relatively short trip. We also found (after a number of detours) a cheese shop to stop at.
Shop might be the wrong term. It is technically called a cheese castle.

20140621-201653-73013891.jpg And what would a castle be without a suit of armor? Not much of a castle, I think.

20140621-201731-73051956.jpg And this castle came with a mouse with the cheese.

I had much higher hopes for the cheese selection, it being in Wisconsin and all, but alas, not so much. It was fun and provided a lot of giggles for Emmie and I so we had fun.

We also drove to Kenosha proper and saw the lighthouse, the downtown area, Lake Michigan, and a Civil War reenactment.


I was a bit surprised by this given that one does not usually associate Wisconsin with the Civil War, but ok.

The boys played on the rocks by the lake a little.

We just had a nice day out (until the Florida style rain on the way home) and it was something totally different. I can also now say I have been to Wisconsin.

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