Home Sweet Home

I love to travel. If I were thinking about careers today (instead of 25 years ago) I would look for something that lets me travel and explore the world. Food critic or writer would be amazing, but given that I can’t eat fish and hate mushrooms I probably would not make a great food critic.
20140624-162659-59219920.jpg As much as I love traveling, I love coming home even more. It was fantastic to experience Alinea and Topolobampo and be places I’ve never been and just hang out and catch up with family.

But home is … well … home. My cooking will never rival the food where we ate and my house is rarely as spotless as a fresh hotel room, but that’s ok. Home is home. I have my babies here (and they were happy to see us)



20140624-163115-59475904.jpg I can experiment in the kitchen this month and sleep in my own bed and watch Wimbledon and just relax for a bit. Bob and I are thankfully on the same page with traveling – we love to do it, but 4 or 5 days is about all we want to be away. (I’d do longer in Europe or another overseas destination, but US travel will be long weekends for a while.) Of course if we didn’t travel I would miss sights like these:






It is good to be home.

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