Swiss Chard Tacos

I debated posting this. Seriously debated. Not because I wasn’t incredibly happy with the results, but because of how I came across this recipe. At the risk of being mocked for being a left leaning bleeding heart liberal, here it is.

Normally I scour my cookbooks, make my recipe lists and then go shopping. This week, I went to the farmer’s market without a plan. I decided to look at the vegetables and figure out what to make from there. Since I was home today (Bob gave me his plague) I had lots of time to peruse recipes (not much I could do so I read a lot of recipes). I had picked up corn, chard and onion and was intrigued by a recipe from the NY Times. Yes, this is a vegetarian taco recipe from the NY Times cooking section. If you leave out the cheese, it’s a vegan taco recipe from the NY Times. Yes, I read the NY Times. I read the cooking section. I like to read recipes.

I started with my bunch of rainbow chard and two ears of corn. Removing the kernels from the cob is actually easier than it seems – detstemmed the chard and removed the corn kernels before the water boiled. And cut up the garlic and onion. Can’t forget the garlic and onion. 

I blanched the chard in boiling water for a minute then transferred it to an ice water bath. While this cooled, I heated oil in a pan and added the onions. While the onions cooked I made the salsa, but I’ll get to that. Add firm and garlic to the onions and cook for a few minutes. 

While this cooked, I drained, squeezed and chopped the chard. Once the corn and onion was cooked, I added the chard and seasoned everything with salt and pepper. A minute or two later, it is all done. 

Salsa. I wanted to use a Rick Bayless cooked salsa recipe, but I didn’t have the chills. So … One plum tomato, a chunk of red onion, a bit of red jalapeño (no seeds) and some cilantro leaves. Todd everything with salt and a squeeze of lime juice and let marinade in the fridge until everything is done. 

The original recipe calls for corn tortillas, but honestly, I prefer the flour ones. I know they are not as good for you, but I just really don’t like the texture of corn tortillas. 

So … tortillas (warmed in a 260 oven), chard mix, salsa and feta cheese. Dinner. 

Bob liked these way better than my quinoa experiment yesterday and I have to admit, I did too. It was colorful, flavorful, had great texture and was filling. So yes, the NY Times Cooking section had a great recipe. A vegetarian taco recipe. You may mock, but you should try these. 

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