Mini Disney Vacation

I have this thing about planning. It’s a minor compulsion. I don’t like not having plans. I don’t need everything planned, but I do need a basic plan or I feel very off kilter. So with Spring Break here and Bob taking a few days off, we decided to do a mini vacation in Disney. We had one day planned (more on that in the next post) but the first day was no plan. No dinner reservations, no set schedule, no real idea of what we would do. 


The Epcot Flower and Garden Festival  started and so we decided to head there. They added food stands, similar to the Food and Wine Festival, and we decided to just wander there a bit. We grabbed a bite to eat or two.

yes, that is strawberry sushi. It was a little odd, but not bad and something different.  It was the prettiest dish I ate that day. 

But we wandered and took in a ride or two and saw all the flower displays and the topiary.  

 I find topiary weird. Bushes cut into shapes that are decidely not tree or bush like shapes tends to weird me out. Somehow Disney does it, and with a few exceptions, I think they are georgous.  


I think it is the addition of faces that make these ok. Yes, they are plants, but they look like something familiar. As much as I love Cinderella, however, the lack of eyes is a little creepy.   

 It’s pretty, but kind of creepy. 

But is is about the lack of plan. And we did ok … For a while. At one point I decided I needed a bit more of a plan so we made dinner reservations. I was much, much happier.  More settled. I tried the no plan thing. I didn’t like it. It’s like the topiary with no faces, you can do it, but it just doesn’t work for me. 


 Part two of the trip – the part that was planned – next.  

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