North Country Brewing

  A few months ago I came across a post on The Wandering Gourmand that looked just fun. We live in Florida so getting to Pennsylvania would take some doing, but since Laura and Dylan had just announced their engagement, I knew we would be “in the area.” Admittedly an hour outside the airport, which is almost an hour from the wedding in the opposite direction does take some stretching to make it work, but we did.  

  I am incredibly glad we made the side trip. When Val asked if we could pick them up from the airport, this side trip made actual sense. They were getting in four hours after us, so the hour drive each way killed time. Bob got to try some good beer, and we both got a fantastic lunch.  I’m just sorry I didn’t have room for dessert. 

  Somehow my hummas pita didn’t make my camera roll. But Bob’s brisket and beer cheese did. It isn’t pretty food and wouldn’t make a magazine cover, but it was excellent. My hummas had the perfect consistency and a lot of depth of flavor. It was well seasoned and had the perfect amount of topping. Bob’s beef was moist and had taken the flavor of whatever they cooked it in – probably beer of some kind. Not health food, but really good food. I was so glad we made the trip. Even if the bathroom sink had me confused for a minute.

 So thank you to The Wandering Gourmand for the suggestion, to Laura and Dylan for the reason to go to Pennsylvania, and to Val and Bill for the excuse to make the drive. Well worth the detour.

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