The last couple of weeks have been busy. Very busy. I meant to do separate posts for some of the events, but with long hours at work, a sick dog, and some travel, it just didn’t happen. The work stuff is ACT testing. Lots of ACT testing. But it is extra money, so I see a pedicure and new pair of shoes in my future.

Our first celebration was alluded to in the last post – Laura and Dylan’s wedding. We flew up to PA, had our adventure to Slippery Rock for lunch, then did the family wedding stuff for the weekend. The weather was perfect, which is hard to do in PA in April. Sunny, 70-ish and perfect afternoon. The wedding matched the weather and we had a great time catching up with everyone and enjoying the day. Cause really, is there much better than a good wedding?  

    We made sure to get a good family photo since we all were dressed up and respectable looking. Sorry, Dad. We needed a picture. 

   This weekend John graduated with his MBA. He now has two masters (this one is useful) so I’m starting to think its time for me to return to school. Kind of. Not really, but maybe. It was a nice ceremony as far as graduations go, but I think we may need to replay the guest speakers speech and do a drinking game for the work “innovate.” It did remind me why I’m in education and not business.  
    I took the pictures here with my cell phone. Bob used the new camera – an actual good quality camer we decided to get for Germany this summer – to take more. Once I figure out how to get the pictures out of there, I might take some with both cameras and do a compare post. 

Finals will be here before we know it, so if I forget to post for a while, that is why. I’ll try to get the kale pesto pasta post up, but no promises. Thankfully Jessie is feeling better, so I should get some sleep this week which makes everything better. 

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