Life With A Geek

Shortly before we got married, Bob commented, “you know you are marrying a geek, right?” Yes, I knew. The multiple computers, multiple large monitors for said computers, the bins of parts “just in case” for computers and the dining room turned geek room gave me a clue. Bob is also one of those people who it is impossible to buy a present for because he just goes and buys it himself before you ever get the chance. I do have to say, however, he has taken this to a whole new level.

   When we went up for John’s graduation, I had to warn Mom not to look too closely into Bob’s ‘office.’ He had acquired a few new toys and it seems that each new toy also requires multiple spare parts and tinkering to get it exactly as he wants it. It is getting a little … cluttered in there. 

  First came the drone. Right about Christmas, I started looking at the little drones to get Bob for Christmas. Before I could figure out which one to get, I came home one day to Bob tinkering with a drone. A drone? Yes, he decided to get himself a drone. There goes that Christmas present idea. (And really, I only get about one or two good present ideas a year, so this just shot the whole of 2015 … Or so I thought.)  

  Next came the Wink. Bob decided he wanted to make as much of the house controlled via his phone as possible. The kitchen light comes on before I get up in the morning, the living room lights come on with sunset and turn off about the time Bob goes to bed. The air conditioning and the front door are wired. It is great when it works, but when I just want to turn a light on? Well. I have to find my phone, pull up the ap, and then I can turn a light on. It has benefits, but there are definite drawbacks to this. 

 I thought I had the best idea for Bob’s birthday this year. I thought I figured out something that he would love, be a cool gadget and he wouldn’t get himself. I was wrong. Apparently Bob had done something on Kickstarter a while back and he now has a 3D printer. I had finally decided to buy one; I figured out which one to get and where to get it from and before I can get to my computer to order it, Bob very excitedly shows me his new toy. He got himself a 3D printer. He has been printing some interesting things for his drone with his 3D printer  

  including mounts and casings for the components he bought for flying the drone. … Oh, did I forget to mention the components? A camera (or 2), googles, some kind of transmitter and I don’t even know what else. I do know I almost feel the need to talk with the FBI and assure them he is just a geek and not someone plotting to take over the world or overthrow anyone. But really, they are smart and have probably figured this out already. He is having fun flying it, which is good. But I do hope the neighbors understand.  


 Of course, Bob did not forget me in all this. 

 I got a 3D printed Hello Kitty. Now if he can just make the Cinderella slipper to go with it … 

So yes, I married a Geek. In all fairness, Bib married a nerd, so I suppose it all evens out. But I am thinking that his gadgets are requiring more space than my furry creatures and cooking equipment. … This means I can get more of one or the other, right? This may require some thought. 

One thought on “Life With A Geek

  1. Emmie says:

    LOL! Welcome to my world Sis. Plus, Brad can look at a plain brown box and know what’s in it. It will make you pull out your hair… Or buy more shoes. 🍷

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