Vegetarian Grilling

Since I started cooking way less meat our grill has not gotten nearly the use it did when Bob wanted to eliminate grains. I do love a good BBQ, and really love good BBQ sauce so I miss grilling, especially this time of year. But last weekend, as I was perusing recipes, I came across one for BBQ tofu. This one something I had to try. 

 The recipe didn’t give any direction for cooking the tofu, other than to grill it, so I just went with how I would do chicken on the grill. I cut and dried the tofu, then brushed the BBQ sauce onto it while the grill heated. Once it was heated, I got the tofu on the grill and estimated. It looked pretty when it came off the grill, but didn’t have the sear I was looking for.  

 This, of course, led me to scouting the web for how to sear tofu. I now have a few methods to try, one of which looks particularly promising. Hopefully I will get to that experiment in short order.

But the dish. BBQ tofu a definite go. I did keep the extra sauce and next time we have Mom and Dad over I plan to use it on some chicken. I did pair this with the Brussels Sprout salad that has become a favorite around here for a lovely little dinner.  


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