Yes, I know 

It is not often I forget I married a geek. I don’t generally have any issue with this but some days I do wonder. I came home from work Saturday (yes, Saturday and no, I haven’t changed jobs) to find some … activity in the house.  

 It seems Bob not only got a new gadget (which we refer to as his girlfriend) and he decided to rewrite the lights in the house to be voice operated curtesy of said new girlfriend. Her name is Alexa, by the way.  

 I will almost admit that this gadget is fairly cool. Hooked to the internet it can tell me the weather, news, definitions and, thanks to Bob’s wiring, turn on and off the lights in the house. I will say, however, that if he gets too many more packages I may be tempted to bring home another furry creature. Tempted. But I’m not quite that crazy … Yet.

  Bob did want to take his drone out this weekend (did I mention I married a geek?) and I used the opportunity to practice with the new camera. We decided to get an actual good camera with interchangeable lenses. My cell phone camera works well for most things, but with some trips bring planned and plotted, we decided we wanted something a little better. I did also practice with some food shots. 


 For most if the cooking pictures, I think my cell phone camera works just fine. (Top picture, cell phone, bottom picture, new camera.) But for more distance photos, the new camera is great. I haven’t played with the zoom lens yet, but so far so good.  

 The food, by the way, is yet another NY Times Cooking recipe. I found a number of recipes that look good, are easy to make and don’t include meat or fish. I very much liked this salad and it seemed a perfect summer meal. And it is rather pretty.  

If anyone is interested in helping one of my favorite small businesses, Louise at  Artisan Cheese Company she has applied for a grant from Chase. The first step to this is obtaining 250 Facebook likes. Louise is an incredible business woman who has some fantastic ideas for the grant money that would not only grow her business, but also partner with other local businesses to help Sarasota’s small business community. If you have Facebook and wouldn’t mind helping, Click here – every little bit helps.

Back to my regular routine … if Leia lets me do a little yoga tonight, that is. 


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