There are a ton of Gazpacho recipes out there. I’ve read a bunch of them over the last few weeks – they keep showing up because it is summer and tomato season in most of the country. You have a lot of tomatoes and its hot outside, so a cold tomato soup sounds perfect. I thought it sounded pretty good, so I gave it a go.


For this one I started with a classic gazpacho recipe from Food and Wine. I figured if I was going to try a cold soup recipe, I might as well go for a classic. I did cut this down a little and ended up using about 2 pounds of tomato and just the ends of the peppers I had roasted for the antipasto. The rest, I kept the same. I marinated the vegetables overnight and then blended them the next day.


I did add a little more sherry vinegar when I finished blending, and I strained the soup through a fine mesh to get rid of the skins from the tomato and peppers. I garnished the soup with some chopped cucumber and red onion, and seasoned everything with salt and pepper.


This is not the most filling dish, but it worked. I loved the flavor of the sherry vinegar that came through and the tomatoes did shine here. I don’t think this would work as well with tasteless tomatoes, but the ones I managed to pick up this week had flavor to them. This worked for a light lunch, or it could work as an appetizer.

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