I have a new favorite brownie. David Lebovitz is pretty much a genius when it comes to desserts and I really love his other brownies, but I have to admit, these are better. These are great. These are better than any brownie I’ve ever eaten, with the possible exception of the brownie I had in Belgium. I can’t say for certain that the Belgium brownie was better, but I do know the creme anglaise was pure perfection.

But I digress. These. These brownie. Really, I can’t say anything else. I followed the recipe (amazingly) except for the salt on top and I used caramel I had on hand and didn’t make any special for these. Try them. Make them. Delight in the perfection of a rich, sweet, chocolatey brownie with a little caramel cheesecake texture in the swirl.

And just because I was home for a few weeks and had time to spend with them … the pets.

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