I’m not sure what to call this except good

It has been a while since I posted anything food related. Ok, it has been a while since I posted anything (as I am writing this on the same evening that I posted the last post). Between work, school and getting sick (hazard of working with kids) the month of January passed me by. But … I have a sandwich.

Bob and I tried a new French Cafe near us last month. This cafe has been in Sarasota for years, but only recently opened a second place closer to us. We decided to stop in one day for lunch and I had the most amazing sandwich that I decided I needed to recreate at home.

This is based on the sandwich I had at the cafe, but there are plenty of differences. I don’t have a good French baguette at home, but my grocery does incredible ciabatta bread. I like pesto, but I find kale pesto much better – something about the added peppery taste. I also have no idea how they actually made the sandwich, but I think I got the basic concept.

Roasted eggplant and tomato coated in balsamic and a little olive oil. Roasted red peppers, kale pesto and a pecorino cheese. This.  This makes a perfect sandwich.

It’s not fancy and it won’t win any awards, but I could eat this for lunch as often as I eat a tomato mozzarella sandwich. For the record, that is really often.

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