Hi There

I’m not sure when I made a pet post last, so here is a brief update on the furry creatures of the house.

Arthas is two. He had a visit to the vet and he is healthy, he just needs to loose weight. So far all of our efforts have resulted in … him gaining weight. We switched him to weight loss food and cut back on calories again, but I’m not at the point where if he doesn’t loose weight next time he goes in, I’m just leaving it. He’s stocky and would be better at 45 pounds, but I also don’t have the heart to cut back his food intake any more. He is in good shape; he walks, he plays, he interacts with us and he is happy and healthy so that makes me happy.  He is also getting *slightly* better with other animals on our walks. He still growls if anyone moves towards him and gets too close and he gets ugly when another dog barks and moves towards him, but otherwise he is good. We can even walk past (grassy median between) a few neighborhood dogs without any nosies now.

Leia hasn’t been feeling well lately and she is definitely getting older (she turned 10 in August). Unlike the boys, she isn’t eating as much as I would like her to (she is more of a grazer, but you can’t leave wet food out with those two) but she is hanging in there. She needs some extra attention and care these days, but she is still the queen of the house and she really does run the place. We all seem to set our schedules to hers. Arthas tries to be careful around her when he is playing, and they have reached an accord, so that is good.

Tigger is also ten. I can’t believe it some days. I look at him and remember when he was smaller than his head and I could pick up him and Gracie with one hand. Not any more. Tigger is a big cat and I’m betting he is nearing 18 pounds. I know he needs to lose a little weight, and I’ve cut back what I give him a little since he tends to eat whatever Leia doesn’t, but he is just a big boy. He is also my alarm clock, although one that cannot be reset. He has mastered the art of crying for breakfast just out of petting range. He has figured out that if I can pet him, I won’t get out of bed, but if I have to move to reach him, he has a much better chance. He is adorable, and he is still my lap cat and he keeps me company when I’m working on school stuff. He is also in pretty perfect shape so I think we will have him around for a while.


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