I’ve been a little lazy the past week. I did some work for school, and am a little ahead, but I didn’t do the crazy schedule I planned because I just decided I didn’t want to. Nice thing about being an adult, sometimes you can decide you don’t want to do something and that is all the reason you need to not do it. It doesn’t always work that way, but every now and again, it does.

But.  Since I wasn’t driving myself nuts trying to complete a class that has a month left to it, I did decide to try a recipe or two that I’ve been meaning to try. One was a vegetable paella from Plenty. I didn’t follow it exactly since I didn’t have the correct rice, don’t really like artichokes and didn’t have the required amount of sherry on hand, but I figured for a dish like this, it really was about the flavors and a little about the method, so I didn’t stress about it to much.

Amazingly I did have saffron in the house and I think that really makes the flavor of the dish. I didn’t have the short grained rice I thought I had (I have risotto rice, but apparently I was really running low so I didn’t use it) so I used a regular basmati rice. The texture was definitely different than the short grain rice would have given it, and it wasn’t as creamy as I anticipated, but it was good. We had leftovers so it also became lunch the next day, and it was even better.


Recipe can be found here and it’s worth trying if you want something a little different.

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