I think I like you

I had very high hopes when I decided to adopt another dog that the new dog would get along with the cats. I wasn’t exactly prepared for the cats to not accept the new dog Gracie was the first to try, but by the time she did, Arthas was wary of the cats. Ms. Leia had attached first a few too many times.

The last few months have been very good. Tigger ignores Arthas, but he isn’t afraid of him. Arthas is curious about Tigger, but prefers to conserve energy rather than chase the cat to figure out exactly what he is. Leia is just plain determined to make the dog love her – or annoy the heck out of him, we aren’t exactly sure which.

The other day, we got contact with no issues. Leia and Arthas were paw to paw for a few minutes and neither made any angry noises. Arthas even sniffed Leia’s face and didn’t get upset when she sniffed his nose back. I’m calling it progress.


One thought on “I think I like you

  1. Super news, and great pictures!

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