Artezin – Zinfandel 2013

  • Basic info: Artezin, Zinfandel from Mendocino, CA, 2013
  • Type: Red Wine
  • Price estimate: $15 (at Total Wine)
  • Look: Dark ruby in color, not translucent. Medium viscosity, probably medium alcohol.
  • Smell: Wine. Maybe a little jam and blackberry (but it could also be that I want to smell those)
  • Taste: Jam leading to pepper. Round wine and very smooth. Really nice finish with just a little bit of tannin.
  • Conclusions: I really liked this wine when I opened it and I liked it even more the next day. It drinks really well and is easy to drink. You know there is alcohol there so you are not in danger of over drinking, but it is not enough to knock you out with a single glass.
  • Other notes: I really liked this wine for a few reasons. It is a zinfandel and I am really partial to zinfandels. It had a great body, but it wasn’t heavy and it is a wine that I could sip. Some wines I find have such low alcohol content that I just drink them this wine I could savor. It definitely drinks like a more expensive wine.
  • From the bottle: “This zinfandel offers varietal aromas of raspberry and boysenberry with notes of spice and black pepper.” 14.7% alcohol by volume.


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