Vino Nobile – 2013

  • Basic info:Vino Nobile, Di Montepulciano, Italy 2013
  • Type: Red Blend
  • Price estimate: $17 (at Total Wine)
  • Look:Ruby red in color. Somewhat translucent. No noticeable legs, possibly light alcohol.
  • Smell: Not much smell, but jammy with a hint of dark cherry.
  • Taste: Pepper, spice and some black fruit. Smooth wine with nice acidity. Bob noted mild tannins and a light mineral taste. He also got tobacco on the finish, which I didn’t get at all. Thin mouthfeel.
  • Conclusions: Good table wine. Very drinkable and it has a nice taste with not a lot of alcohol after taste to it. It is a little thin, but not bad at all. Solid wine.
  • Other notes: We still are not exactly sure what type of wine this is, but I’m thinking a sangiovese blend of some kind. It is a good wine to have with dinner, and will blend with a lot of different foods.
  • From the bottle: “A dry red wine with pleasant violet hues and a fresh and persistent bouquet. At the taste it has good freshness and tannin acid balance.” 13.5% alcohol by volume.


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