Chateau Feret-Lambert – Bordeaux blend, 2014

  • Basic info: Chateau Feret-Lambert, Bordeaux blend (Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon), Bordeaux, France – 2014
  • Type: Red
  • Price estimate: $25 (Total Wine)
  • Look: Dark garnet in color with significant legs. Opaque.
  • Smell: woody, jam and blackberry
  • Taste: blackberry with slight smoke and a hint of vanilla. very smooth on the second day.
  • Conclusions: Much better than most Bordeaux I’ve had in the past. It wasn’t a perfect wine, but it was very drinkable after it breathed a bit.
  • Other notes: I picked this up because I have a goal to try all the major varietals/blends at least once and I’m only including wines that I drank since I started keeping notes. I’ve had Bordeaux blends in the past and just haven’t liked them – too earthy, too woody, too much like drinking tree bark – so I kept putting off the Bordeaux. When I saw this one was 90% Merlot, I decided to give it a try since I tend to like Merlot more than Cabernets. It was good. I’m not sure I would seek it out again, but it was very drinkable. No bottle notes. 14% alcohol by volume.


Fossil & Fawn – Pinot Noir, 2015

  • Basic info: Fossil & Fawn, Oregon Pinot Noir Black Label, Willamette Valley, Oregon – 2015
  • Type: Red
  • Price estimate: $35 (from winery)
  • Look: Very light red, almost translucent in color with a slight tinge of orange.
  • Smell: Cherry and some leaves
  • Taste: Cherry candy, raspberry. light, clean. Bob got bing cherry and smooth with mild tannins. Medium long finish.
  • Conclusions: This was not my favorite Pinot Noir. I was so excited when I read the description in the wine club notes, but alas … it was just ok. It was good, but not one that we will seek out.
  • Other notes: This was one of our Oregon wine club wines and I was really excited about it because it was a natural wine that was organically farmed with native yeasts and no fining or filtering and no chemical adjustments to the wine. I wanted to love it, but it was just missing something for me. We have found that we generally love five of the six bottles in the shipment, and one is good, but not great. This, unfortunately, was the good but not great one. 12.1% alcohol by volume.



Domaine Guy Mousset – Red Blend, 2015

  • Basic info: Domaine Guy Mousset “Cotes du Rhone” Red Blend, France, 2015.
  • Type: Red
  • Price estimate: $13 (Total Wine)
  • Look: Very dark red, almost black plum. Minimal legs
  • Smell: Grape jelly and a little wood on the nose.
  • Taste: Bob and I disagreed on what this one tasted like. He got minerality, plum, black cherry and current with a dark, almost earthy end. I got the black cherry, but I had blackberry with only a tiny bit of mineral and cranberry.
  • Conclusions: We both really liked this wine even though it tasted totally different to each of us. It was a little on the thin side, but that made for a nice sipping wine. It was super smooth and very enjoyable.
  • Other notes: I wanted to get the rose from this producer, but Total Wine was out of it. I never remember the name so I was that annoying person who just kept saying I will know it when I see the label. Somehow the guy at Total Wine took this as a challenge, found this bottle and asked if I was looking for the rose version. I was. He found me a substitute (since they were out) and said the red is just as good, if you like red wine. I do like red wine, so I decided to try it and I am very glad I did. It isn’t a special wine, but a great every day red.
  • From the bottle: No bottle notes. 13% alcohol by volume.


Shannon Ridge – Zinfandel, 2013

  • Basic info: Shannon Ridge  High elevation collection Zinfandel, Lake County, CA – 2013
  • Type: Red
  • Price estimate: $20 (local wine store)
  • Look: Opaque. Dark garnet or plum in color.
  • Smell: hot. oak, charred wood.
  • Taste: jam. dark fruit and a little hot on the palate. Medium acidity and some black cherry flavors. Short finish.
  • Conclusions: I generally LOVE zinfandel, but this was not my favorite. It tasted of a lot of alcohol and I’m not sure of the bottle was bad or if it was just the style the one maker was going for.
  • Other notes: Zins for me are fruity, jammy and deep in flavor. This one didn’t do it for me. One of the great thing about a good zin is that you don’t take the alcohol, even when the abv is above 14%. They should be easy to drink and this one wasn’t.
  • From the bottle: No bottle notes, but from the winemaker, ” The Zinfandel delivers extracted characters of raspberry and blackberry with notes of pie spice, clove and anise.” 13.9% alcohol by volume.


Prunus – Red Blend, 2014

  • Basic info: Prunus Private Selection Red Blend, Dao, Portugal – 2014
  • Type: Red
  • Price estimate: $18 (Weekly Tasting)
  • Look: Dark black cherry in color with minimal legs at first and medium legs when it warmed up. (thank you Bob and Ed for the color descriptor)
  • Smell: Sandalwood (I kid you not – that was the dominant smell in the glass and I almost didn’t try the wine because of it)
  • Taste: Some effervescence up front with taste of blackberry and jam. Thin for such a dark wine. Medium finish.
  • Conclusions: This wine was good and the taste was completely different than the smell. It was a bit thin on the mouthfeel, but there was more flavor than texture in this wine. We liked it – didn’t love it but liked it.
  • Other notes: So we opened this bottle when Ed and Erin were still here and we had the first glass after finishing the bottle of the Eyrie, so our opinions of this wine may be a little biased. The Eyrie was just such a perfect wine that I’m not sure what wine we opened after, it would not have compared favorably. That said, this wine was good – not great – but certainly very drinkable.
  • From the bottle: “Elegance on a grand scale. Lightly oaked and perfectly balanced with a silky texture and crisp edge. Supporting black cherry, plums and raspberry fruit flavors.” 13% alcohol by volume.


Eyrie Vineyards – Pinot Noir, 2012

  • Basic info: Eyrie Vineyards, Oregon Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, Oregon – 2012
  • Type: Red
  • Price estimate: $40 (from vineyard)
  • Look: opaque – black cherry in color with good legs
  • Smell: Strawberry and cherry on the nose. (Bob only got wine.)
  • Taste: Black cherry, current, hint of ripe plum with a touch of vanilla and granite. Beautiful, long finish.
  • Conclusions: This is one of the rare perfect wines. On the first sip it was just eye closing perfection and the wine only got better as it opened in the glass. While a little expensive, this wine was worth every penny.
  • Other notes: When we went to Oregon last year, we tasted this at the vineyard and fell in love with it. The wine got better over the last year and I think we drank it at the best possible point. Even better was sharing this bottle with Ed and Erin since they love Pinot Noir. Ed’s comment was simply, “This is what a Pinot Noir should be.”
  • From the bottle: Vineyard notes, “this Pinot noir is an embodiment of the vintage, offering 2012’s richness while also taking advantage of its lively acidity. The layers of dark fruit notes combined with the earthy spice of this lush wine make it difficult to resist drinking now.” 13.5% alcohol by volume.


La Source du Ruault – Cabernet Franc, 2011

  • Basic info: La Source du Ruault, “Clos de la Cote” Loire Valley, France – 2011
  • Type: red
  • Price estimate: $25 (Chamber Street Wine)
  • Look: Plum, black cherry in color with significant legs
  • Smell: mild earth
  • Taste: mild earth, unripe raspberry and slightly harsh. Dry, short finish.
  • Conclusions: Drinkable. Not bad, but not the best Cab Franc ever.
  • Other notes: Ed, Erin and Bob made the tasting notes for this wine. We all had it with dinner, but I didn’t care for it as much and found it a little hard to drink. Ed is a huge Cab Franc fan, so it was his opinion I was really interested in. He found the wine good, but not great.
  • From the bottle: No tasting notes on the bottle or from Chamber Street. 12.5% alcohol by volume.