Alessio Komjanc – Cab Franc, 2014

  • Basic info:Alessio Komjanc Cab Franc, Collio, Italy, 2014.
  • Type: Red
  • Price estimate: $25 (at local wine store)
  • Look: Ruby in color, slightly translucent. Very few legs.
  • Smell: Cedar, pepper and mineral. (Bob got the pepper and mineral, and he agreed with the cedar after I said it)
  • Taste: Smooth and just a little effervescent. taste of black cherry and dark stone fruit with a decided mineral taste on the finish. Mild tannin.
  • Conclusions: I fully expected to hate this (Ed, I’m looking at all of the cab francs you had me try over the years), but I really liked it. It was far lighter in texture than I expected and the very slight bubbly feeling was surprising. I’m not sure  would seek this one out like I do zinfandels, but I won’t automatically dismiss the varietal like I once might have.
  • Other notes: This was one of our wine club wines and I hesitated to open it. I really put it off and just decided to open it and get it out of the way one day, and it was really good. We had it with dinner a few nights, but it wasn’t a wine I wanted to have a second glass of after dinner. I also think I have to learn what the “legs” on wine are supposed to look like at different alcohol levels because I feel like everything is looking the same, and the alcohol levels are definitely not the same.
  • From the bottle: No notes on the bottle, but from the website (translated into English): “Ruby red color tending towards violet. Intense, clearly herbaceous aroma that prevails over the fruity hints. Its flavor is full and decisive.” 12.5 – 13% alcohol by volume.


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