Herve Villemade – Sauvignon Blanc, 2016

  • Basic info: Herve Villemade, Vin de France, Sauvignon Blanc, Loire Valley, France, 2016.
  • Type: White
  • Price estimate: $15 (Chamber Street Wines)
  • Look: translucent straw with medium legs
  • Smell: lemon, jasmine, granny smith apples. Bob got pineapple and pine.
  • Taste: Crisp, dry, diluted grapefruit with a touch of honey.
  • Conclusions: This is definitely a Sauvignon Blanc, but it is an excellent example of the grape. It will never be my favorite varietal, but this is one I could easily drink. The finish was good and it had the right balance of acidity and sweetness  even though it is NOT a sweet wine.
  • Other notes: I bought this bottle specifically because I wanted to try Sauvignon Blanc again. I tend to avoid Sauvignon Blancs as I’ve had lots that were more like drinking alcoholic grapefruit juice than wine. I know that is a style and flavor profile some like, but I don’t. However, with this one, I enjoyed the wine even if I didn’t love it.
  • From the bottle: No bottle notes, but from Chamber Street, “The wine shows lovely aromas of pear, melon, lime-flower and boxwood, really pretty, with pear and apple on the palate with stone and lemon confit – perfectly balanced and refreshing.” 12% alcohol by volume.


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