Chateau Feret-Lambert – Bordeaux blend, 2014

  • Basic info: Chateau Feret-Lambert, Bordeaux blend (Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon), Bordeaux, France – 2014
  • Type: Red
  • Price estimate: $25 (Total Wine)
  • Look: Dark garnet in color with significant legs. Opaque.
  • Smell: woody, jam and blackberry
  • Taste: blackberry with slight smoke and a hint of vanilla. very smooth on the second day.
  • Conclusions: Much better than most Bordeaux I’ve had in the past. It wasn’t a perfect wine, but it was very drinkable after it breathed a bit.
  • Other notes: I picked this up because I have a goal to try all the major varietals/blends at least once and I’m only including wines that I drank since I started keeping notes. I’ve had Bordeaux blends in the past and just haven’t liked them – too earthy, too woody, too much like drinking tree bark – so I kept putting off the Bordeaux. When I saw this one was 90% Merlot, I decided to give it a try since I tend to like Merlot more than Cabernets. It was good. I’m not sure I would seek it out again, but it was very drinkable. No bottle notes. 14% alcohol by volume.


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