Star Wars Costume Exhibit

I am not a huge Star Wars fan. I like the movies, but I don’t think about the universe or small inconsistencies in the films or how this or that wouldn’t happen. I appreciate them for what they are, but Star Wars did not play a major role in my childhood – it didn’t define something in me as it did for other members of my generation. I didn’t love, but also didn’t hate the prequels (please, no hate mail) and I’ve enjoyed the new films as much for the story as the nostalgia. So when Bob said he wanted to see an exhibit on the making of the Star Wars costumes in St. Pete, I happily agreed.

I hate to admit it, but I needed more time at the exhibit. We ended up going later in the day and had about 45 minutes to get through the whole thing. This should have been enough as it was not a huge exhibit, but it wasn’t. I only took a few pictures since I wanted to make sure I saw everything but the few I took, I had a reason for.

IMG_20180102_162129.jpgThis sketch was of an early concept for Princess Leia. The ultimate costume was pretty different, but I love this dress – it reminded me of Erin’s wedding dress and there is something simple, yet incredibly beautiful about the drawing (and her dress). To me, that is hard to pull off and I would have loved to see that dress as a final costume. (If I missed it and it actually is in the movie somewhere, I goofed, but I thought the plaque said it was just an early idea for Leia.

IMG_20180102_163022.jpgThe costumes in the prequels are pretty much why I don’t hate the movies. I love the dressed and the design and the effect the costumes give the character and the worlds. One dress in particular made me drool so I was excited to see the dress in the exhibit. Natalie Portman had a number of amazing costumes in those movies, but this one, the regal dress is the one that really did it for me. I love how elaborate, yet how simple, it is and how the dress itself commands a level of respect. It’s hard to pull off, but this dress does.

And, of course, Yoda. The wise master who could easily have gone too far and been a silly character is just wonderful. The simple costume speaks volumes, but I really think it’s just Yoda that I love.

If I get back and see it again before the exhibit leaves in a few months, I may post an update, but for now, these will have to do.

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