Brigadoon, Pinot Noir – 2015

  • Basic info:  Brigadoon “La Choquette Vineyard” Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, Oregon, 2015
  • Type: Red
  • Price estimate: $30 (from Backcountry Wines)
  • Look: Dark red with a slight brown/orange tint. Mostly opaque, but a little translucent at the edges
  • Smell: Stone, flint, cherry pit
  • Taste: Sour cherry, grape, a little apple. Bob got apple and mineral. Not a long finish and not a wine that changes much over the course of the glass.
  • Conclusions: We liked this wine, but after reading the description, it didn’t live up to expectations.
  • Other notes: I almost didn’t post this one because I was recovering from one cold and acquiring another cold when I drank it, so I’m pretty sure my ability to smell and taste were off. (Hence the lack of posts this month – I’ve spent as many days in January not drinking as I have drinking which I realize makes me sound like a lush, but I do like a glass of wine with dinner.) I loved the look of the wine – the slight brown and orange at the edges of the glass made it more interesting, although that might be a result of some oxidation.
  • From the bottle: The tasting notes: “Very fresh, complex fruit on the nose. Fresh picked strawberries in particular. The structure is striking – very round and all its components well-integrated, especially the skill tannins.” 13.5% alcohol by volume.


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