Gustave Lorentz – Riesling, 2015

  • Basic info: Gustave Lorentz, Riesling Reserve, Alsace, France – 2015
  • Type: white
  • Price estimate: $17 (from Weekly Tasting)
  • Look: Pale yellow, translucent with minimal legs when cold.
  • Smell: Stone fruit, granite and lemon
  • Taste: Apple, white peach, lemon flower. Tart wine with a really good acidity. Almost no sweetness, but not harsh. Long lingering finish with notes of honey on the end.
  • Conclusions: This was an excellent wine and probably one of my favorite Rieslings. It has a lot of complexity, yet was easy to drink and fairly elegant. The wine was crisp and clean.
  • Other notes: The first two days I had this wine I absolutely loved it, but when I had it again a few days later (I know, I should never save wine for a week – see previous post about the constant coming and going illness) it just fell flat. It wasn’t bad, but all the tartness went out of the wine and it just was not as enjoyable. The lesson to be learned here is to always finish the bottle within two days.
  • From the bottle: “Delicately fruity and racy, this wine is showing aromas of papaya, green apples, peach and lemon. The palate is light with nice tropical and mineral tones fairly crisp with some citrus on the finish.” 12.5 % alcohol by volume.


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