Desire Lines Wine – Riesling, 2016

  • Basic info: Desire Lines Wine Company “Cole Ranch” Riesling – Mendocino, CA, 2016
  • Type: White
  • Price estimate: $22 (from winery)
  • Look: Translucent yellow. Some legs when it warms.
  • Smell: Lemon, honey, melon, granite and lemon balm
  • Taste: Soft and round with notes of lemon, melon, lime, petrol and a touch of honey. The finish is long – very long for a refrigerator cold white wine – with more melon, honey and a bit of lime.
  • Conclusions: Oh my goodness this was good. Not just good, but downright fantastic. Both Bob and I took a sip and just stopped, then went back for a second sip because we could not believe it was that good. Yep. This one knocked my socks off.
  • Other notes: This is a pretty new winery: new as in I believe this is their first public release. I got lucky and found them because I follow Bedrock Wine Company on Instagram and they posted about it and I thought, sure let’s try it. Oh my goodness I am so glad we did. This Riesling is the best of what I like in a riesling combined with the best of what Bob likes in a Riesling with a surprise or two thrown in. Dry and mineral for me, a touch of sweetness for Bob and a round, soft wine for us both. My first thought, after the initial “oh wow” was malolactic fermentation and I didn’t think Riesling did that. But it did and oh it was incredible.
  • From the bottle: No bottle notes and no review notes. 13% alcohol by volume.


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