1692 Spier – Pinotage & Shiraz, 2017

  • Basic info: 1692 Spier Discover Collection, Pilotage & Shiraz blend, South Africa – 2017
  • Type: Red
  • Price estimate: $8
  • Look: Opaque, dark ruby color with good legs that stain the glass a little
  • Smell: oak, smoke, hot. Smells like wine.
  • Taste: Dark berries and earth. Short finish. Berries are not discernible. Acid level is ok.
  • Conclusions: Easy to drink and I don’t feel guilty for opening this one on a just because day. With a higher alcohol content, I can only have one glass, but it is fine for a wine with dinner as food does bring out some of the flavors. It is perfectly acceptable and pretty good for an everyday drinking wine, especially since it was under ten dollars.
  • Other notes: I looked at my spreadsheet of wine (don’t judge) and realized that we have a number of bottles that are super good, but a little more expensive than I really want for an everyday wine. Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to drink them, but I thought sprinkling in a few less expensive wines would be appropriate. We plan to open the better bottles too, but I like having something under $20 so I don’t feel guilty. Pinotage is one of the varietals I really love and the blend with this one is good. It isn’t memorable or a wine I would break out if I was trying to impress someone, but it’s not bad for something a little different. I also don’t want my taste buds to get super use to the really good stuff.
  • From the bottle: No bottle notes. 14.5% alcohol by volume.


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