White Rose Estate, Pinot Noir – 2011

  • Basic info: White Rose Estate, “The Neo-Classical Objective” Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, OR – 2011
  • Type: Red
  • Price estimate: (I honestly forget)
  • Look: Prune colored, medium dark red with a tinge of brown at the edges
  • Smell: oak, ash, bramble
  • Taste:Raspberry, wine, oak. Medium finish with some dark berry.
  • Conclusions: This wine was definitely past it’s prime and it may have been a little spoiled or oxidized. The color gave us some clues that it wasn’t going to be great, but the taste was just off.
  • Other notes: When we went to the winery in 2016 we brought home two of these and the first was fantastic. Over the last two years, this one just did not hold up. I think it went “off” just enough to make it not pleasant to drink. It was ok with food, but really, the bottle was not good.
  • From the bottle: No bottle notes and I forgot to check the abv numbers so …


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