Isle of Wight

Saturday was our adventure day. We managed to get everyone up and out of the house early for a drive to Southampton(?) where we caught the ferry to the isle. Brad, Emmie and Logan did fine on the ferry while Bob and I were a little on the seasick side.


It may not have been so bad if we didn’t pick the rainiest day to go. Yes, we know it rains in England, but there is a little more weather than usual. But we made it to the isle and were rewarded we incredible views. We decided to get lunch first which, of course, meant driving to the opposite side of the island. Brad had looked up some restaurants and settled on the Waterfront Inn.  But lunch was well worth it as we ate overlooking the ocean.




We did manage to get caught in the downpour, but even that was not so bad … It was cold and wet, but the isle is beautiful. We do owe Brad big time for driving. The roads on the isle are very curvy and very narrow for two-way traffic with busses and cars. After much searching, a few wrong turns, and one or two scared, we made it to our intended destination – the castle!


This is Castle Carisbrooke!  We all agreed, this was well worth all the seasickness, twisty roads and rain. The views alone are incredible – Emmie braved her fear of heights to see the view from the battlements.




I was trying to figure out how to move in – after all there is a perfect house for Bob and I and the pets would have a field day with the “yard.” (I can’t get the really cool picture in for some reason, so it will be in a gallery page once I get home and have access to an actual computer.)



Emmie and I found a few cannons to play with …


And yes, we played in armor and fired a cannon …


All in all, it was an amazing day (despite a few ferry rides and the rain and some interesting roads) and we are still debating if Logan, Emmie or I had the best time. (Really it is between Emmie and I and it is probably a tie.)



Full gallery of pictures when we get home. Relaxing day watching Wimbledon and then heading to Scotland.

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