On Christmas Morning

Santa arrived at the grandparent’s house this year. All the boys awoke to sacks of presents.


Everywhere you looked there were more gifts to open.

Bob did like the present in his very big box.

20121225-151208.jpg the Doomhammer for WoW. I figured it would go with the very large sword from a few years ago. Now he just needs to find a place to put it.

My boxes were much smaller, but arguably much better.

20121225-151355.jpg Two sauce cookbooks and an iPad mini, with a pink cover! Bob knows me well and I have to say I’m about three hours into using the mini iPad and I love it. The weight is prefect, and the screen is amazing. This will probably replace the regular iPad (I have Bob’s original one – first generation iPad) and my Nook – which is wonderful, but heavy comparatively.

We also had a lovely feast this afternoon. Our first ever tur-duc-in. Turkey, duck and chicken with stuffing all in one. Pretty good even to someone who is not a turkey fan.

20121225-152102.jpg The wild rice casserole, cranberry sauce, etc, etc. and the desserts … Chocolate pecan pie, pecan pie cheesecake, chocolate pie … Lots and lots of sweets.

Now it’s time for a nap. Merry Christmas everyone.

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