I was feeling saucy

My first attempt at a Beurre Blanc sauce. I gave Bob the option of two proteins for dinner and he chose chicken with Beurre Blanc sauce. So … to the cookbook I went, and read, and pondered and shopped. (We didn’t have any white wine and not enough butter to make this.)

The directions looks pretty simple – half a cup white wine, half a cup white wine vinegar (I substituted white balsamic vinegar as that is what I had on hand) with 3 ounces chopped shallots.

20121230-150645.jpg Cook until almost all the liquid has evaporated.

20121230-150719.jpg Then add a quarter cup of cream. Add a pound of butter and whisk over high heat until all the butter is incorporated. This would be where I made my mistake. I should have either added all the butter at once over high heat or added it one piece at a time over low heat. Instead I added it one piece at a time over high heat – almost like I do for the famous French Silk Pie – but over heat. The results were a tasty, but broken sauce.

20121230-151009.jpg It did taste good. And it worked over the chicken and brown rice (from my veggie basket this week – go figure) and veggies.

All in all, not a bad meal. I think I can get the sauce right next time. But in the mean time. I am freezing portions in muffin tins to make a base for future sauces and meals. Can’t let a pound of butter go to waste!

One thought on “I was feeling saucy

  1. You are right, butter is to be added a piece at a time over low heat for it to emulsify. But it still taste good, so it doesn’t matter so much 🙂

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