It was cold today. So cold that this (now) Florida girl was reluctant to go outside. It wasn’t so much the temperatures or the snow, but the wind. I did remember how to dress for old, windy days, but I still really don’t like cold.


But after picking Logan up from school, we headed to Dorchester to see the Abby. We knew it was closed as are a lot of places in England this time of year, but we figured we could walk around and check out the area. I have to admit, I fell just a little bit in love with the place.

There was the very old church that has conducted services for 1300 years. Not since 1300, which would be impressive in and of itself, but for 1300 years. That puts Christian services in that spot since about 700 ad. The frustrated historian in me wanted to go in (the door was locked, I did try) and examine the pews and paintings and floor, etc. But I settled for some outside pictures.



Emmie and I noticed a tea place, so we know where we will do high tea in the summer and a pub for the boys. We could have wandered longer just looking at the architecture and looking at the town (village? hamlet? ???) but we headed home for warmth.

Oxford tomorrow! Emmie and I get to sniff books then Bob and I will go find good cheese. We are just a touch excited.

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